Term Loan

The classic way to elevate your small business.

Business Term Loans

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Loan Amount
$20K to $1M
Same Day Funding
Within 24 Hours
Loan Terms
1-2 Years
Interest Rate
As Low As 6%

A traditional small business loan.

This is when a business receives a one-time lump sum of capital that is repaid at a fixed rate within a fixed period of time. Typically, the majority of business owners use such proceeds for major capital investment in their business.

Benefits of a Term Loan

A term loan can be a great opportunity for business owners. It's a good way to get a large sum of funding that can be repaid over many years with more favorable interest rates. They usually come with a fixed or flat interest rate, making it easier for you to estimate your payments.

  • Fixed Rates
  • Funds Within 48 Hours
  • No Restictions
  • No out-of-pocket fees
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Applying is seamless and trouble-free.

All you need to do is spend about 15 minutes answering questions in our free online application. You’ll be asked to enter information about your credit score, time in business, and may also need to upload your P&L or bank statements to show your revenue. Once approved, you can access your funds in as little as 24 hours.

A simple loan with flexible features.

No two businesses are alike. Business Term Loans are set up to meet almost any unique business need. You can leverage your loan for anything from capital improvements to financing new equipment to hiring more staff. In other words, you can use your business term loan for just about any opportunity you want to capitalize on.

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