Business Cash Advance

Quick and efficient access to capital.

Business Cash Advance

How much do you need?

Funding Amount
$5K - $500K
Time Frame
24 - 48 Hours
Factor Rate
10% - 35%
Daily or Weekly ACH

Understanding a Business Cash Advance.

A business cash advance gives you fast access to working capital based on future credit card or other receivables so you can meet their business needs. This type of funding is an alternative form of financing that works by giving businesses upfront access to a lump sum in return for a portion of the future revenue receivables at a discounted price. This allows the payment timeline to be tailored to the flow of business sales.

Benefits of a Cash Advance

Qualifying for a cash advance, like the funding itself, is often fast and easy. Due to the nature and terms of the loan, the requirements for a business cash advance are typically pretty lenient.

  • Low Credit Scores
  • Limited Credit History
  • Funds Within 48 Hours
  • No out-of-pocket fees
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How does it work?

While a Business Cash Advance isn't ideal for every situation, it could work for entrepreneurs who need quick access to funds they can use to purchase inventory, make payroll obligations or cover other business-related expenses. The advantage is the availability of funding for business owners who may not qualify for traditional financing.

How to get the best rate.

Securing an affordable factor rate will reduce the cost of capital on your Business Cash Advance. The first step toward securing the optimum cost of capital on your Business Cash Advance is to determine how much capital you need. Borrowing too much can increase the cost of repayment and borrowing too little can leave you in the financial pickle you're trying to get out of. To avoid both of those scenarios, our dedicated funding managers will walk you through your options and compare your offers to help you choose a business cash advance deal that fits your needs and budget.

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